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International Certified Wealth Manager (CWM®) Program - Public Class Batch 39

What is Wealth Management ?

A comprehensive and cohesive system aimed at protecting & preserving assets, growing accumulating assets, and transitioning assets.

A holistic Approach that seeks to coordinate High Net Worth Individuals’ needs over their lifetimes with the needs of their families.

It's the ability to engage in all aspects of our client's financial situations.

The core skills and knowledge required for success is Quality Services, Skills, Integrity, Know Your Products, Ethics, Track Record, and Attitude.

Wealth Management Certification Program

3 Pillars of Wealth Management

Insurance, Hedge, Trust, Diversification, Residence & Citizenship.

Tax Management, Investment Management, Business Venture, Money Management.
Estate, Pension / Retirement.

Existing Corporate Strategic Partners

Former Corporate Strategic Partners

Secretariat Office :
Sahid Sudirman Center 11th floor Suite A
Jl. Jend Sudirman No.86, Jakarta 10220 - Indonesia.
Ph. +6221 7331745 || Fax. +6221 73447645
Email. ||

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